Letter from the Founder

My name is Colin Lake. I am currently the National Sales Director for RS Investments and I have more than 20 years of external sales experience in the financial services industry. I am not writing today to ask you to review a resume or make a monetary donation. The reason for this letter is, like you, I have been given so much by this industry and I am looking for a way to give back.

Throughout my career I have interviewed approximately 300 candidates. Over the past few years I have seen a decline in, among other things, the drive and passion from applicants with whom I have met. As a result, I have started the nonprofit “Developing the Next Leaders.” My intention is to help motivate graduating college students and retiring or inactive soldiers to enter the financial services industry. I am looking for men and women who possess the passion and integrity we desire but may not have the resources necessary, such as e-mail and phone etiquette, proper attire or refined interviewing skills, to get the job.

l FINALLY, here is why I am writing you. Please send me your "gently used" business attire. I will warehouse these items and avail them to those who do not have the resources and/or direction to know what to wear during the interview process. I will then work with them to understand the industry and its many nuances. Lastly, I will provide them with introductions to folks at your firm with whom I have worked over the years.

The simple goals of Developing the Next Leaders are to: 1. Give back 2. Provide a platform for the right men and women to gain resources for entrance into the industry 3. Deliver better candidates for your firm to interview and 4. Help prepare the next generation of leaders in our industry.

This is a charitable donation. Please send an estimate and you will receive a letter for the value of the content you have given.

Items needed include: • Belts • Coats • Earrings • Polo shirts • Slacks • Blazers • Cufflinks • Handbags • Scarves • Suits • Blouses • Dress shirts • Jackets • Shoes • Ties • Briefcases • Dresses • Khaki pants • Shirts • Umbrellas

We also accept new socks, hosiery and undershirts in their original packaging.

Respectfully Yours,

Colin C Lake, CIMA®
President, Developing the Next Leaders