DtNL Coaching Doctrine

Developing the Next Leaders blends the best of Inquiry-and Contextual-based coaching philosophies. By doing this, we ensure that you are performing at the highest level and are most prepared to maximize the ideas and tools.

1. Questionnaire:
    a. Determine mutual fit
    b. Determine needs and wants
    c. Current roadblocks
    d. Your ideal self

2. Inquiry based:
    a. When were you at your best? Why?
    b. What’s in your way? Why?
    c. When were you at your healthiest? Why?
    d. What is your true genius? Why?

3. Context Based:
    a. Time Mngt
    b. Your brand/your value
    c. Managing people
    d. Velocity of trust/The right questions

4. Modules:
    a. Time blocks/Recommended Day™
    b. Articulating your worth
    c. The Art of the understanding
    d. The Non-Objection (Why it happens)
    e. Closing in the new world (They have to decide)
    f. Courage in your convictions

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