Learning Development Programs: “Most sales folks like their success fully baked, in other words, they think of success as receiving the trophy or plaque at the end of the year. The reality is, success in sales, is a series of well-orchestrated activities leading down the path to sustained excellence!” ~DtNL

The Well Asked Question

Goals: For far too long sales people have used the same techniques and ideas and our clients are a step ahead of us. This program gives your team real, actionable ways to engage clients in a way that distinguishes your meetings from your competition.

  • More Meetings with Your Ideal Clients
  • Meaningful Conversations in those Meetings
  • More Revenue from each interaction
What a #1 Wholesaler, Tier One Asset Manager Says

“That was awesome! Especially the portion of the day where we discussed how to counteract the typical FA brush-off’s “I’ll take a look”, “send it to me and I’ll see if it fits”, etc. – we are getting these responses daily and the way he taught us to respond to those will make me/all of us better.”

The Art and Science of Sales

Goals: Distinguishing yourself from your competition is getting harder, this training and curriculum give you YOUR Roadmap to standing out.

  • You are given the tools and ideas to build your Unique Brand. This Unique Brand is Art of Selling

  • Your Unique Brand includes the questions to ask, the positioning statements to use and the set up so that when it comes time for your clients to work with you it feels like their decision…closing in 2020!

  • Everyone has a different way of building their process in an attempt to make it sustainable for them. This program gives you and your team the framework to build a process, improve on your processes and then make it sustainable for YOU!

What a Top 5 Wholesaler, Tier 1 Annuity Firm Says

“A lot of really good ideas here and great ways to challenge FA’s to grow their business – as we’ve discussed, when we can help an advisor grow their book, we will grow along with them.”

Time Management

Goals: Although it doesn’t always feel like it, there is a way to get a better hold of your time and gain better balance.

  • Each participant is taken through 2 innovative technology focused sessions that help identify YOUR Personal Goal

  • After YOUR Personal Goal is established, participants are trained on the sustainable steps to gain more from each hour they spend in their office and on the road

What RIA Jacksonville, FL Says

“I had plateaued at $90MM in AUM. After going through this program, I got a better hold of where I was spending my time and where my time was best spent. I now have $112M AUM, my relationships with my clients have improved and I feel like I have better balance each day!”

Developing the Next Leaders Services

Coaching Services. Single or group (5 or fewer) sessions

  • These can be used for training on specific topics and done on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.

Virtual Presentations (can/will be done live, post containment) series of 4, designed to fully immerse the participants in a topic or series of topics

  • We offer a list of topics to choose, if it doesn’t currently exist, we create content based on specific needs,
  • Access to DtNL data base of resources (tech tools, scripts, business plan docs, Advisor tools).

Consulting Services. Current state analysis. Brand and Messaging Assessments. Real Time market feedback from Advisors (we have 80 or so Advisor Firms we work with that offer feedback on material, messaging, process, etc.)

  • Bi-weekly coaching Calls, Virtual Presentations, access to tools, etc.
  • 30 hours/ month. Includes access to our creative Team, combined

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